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MP4 Video Download

Psalms 81-90 (Sample only)

View the first of this 15 set video collection

Psalms 81-90

- Psalms 81-90 plays for 55 mins 21 secs

- Psalm 88 is the only psalm that ends without some sense of praise or hope in God

- Psalm 89 is the third longest psalm

- Psalm 90 may be the oldest psalm, written by Moses (around 1450 B.C.)

The Psalms Video Collection

- This 15 set video collection of the Book of Psalms can now be yours

- Psalms recorded in consecutive order from psalm 1 to 150

- Many songs have been updated for this video set including a 44 minute
revised version of Psalm 119

- Average individual video play time 56 mins 15 secs

- Total 15 videos play time 14 hours 4 minutes

- MP4 videos can be downloaded from DVD to your computer or mobile device

- Song lyrics from the King James Version of the Bible  

What Happens after Purchase?
After purchase you will receive emails from PayPal and Bible in Song to advise that your order has been received and when your dvd is likely to be delivered.
The MP4 video can be easily downloaded from the dvd to your computer or mobile device. 

Download Instructions
1. Load DVD on your computer and a
    window opens with the MP4 video file ...
2. To play video, right click mouse on file
    then click "Open with ..." the media player
    of your choice.
3. To save MP4 video to your computer or
    mobile device, right click mouse on file
    then click on "Send to ..."




This music is copyright. Unauthorized
copying, lending, hiring, reproduction, pubic performance and broadcasting prohibited.


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