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  Big Questions
  Why Did God Permit Sin?  
  Does it matter if creation was literal or figurative?
  Why do we have a Seven Day Week?
  How Civilized were the Antediluvians?
  Was Behemoth an Elephant, Hippo or Dinosaur?
  Is the T-rex Dinosaur mentioned in the Bible?
  Did Humans and Dinosaurs Live Together?
  Were our Ancestors Giants?
  Was there an Ice Age in Job's Day?
  Why 4000 years for Messiah to come?
  Jesus' Real Birthday
  Can we predict the 2nd coming?
  Does God have a 7000 Year Plan?
  SDA Pre Advent Judgment based on false premise
  Flaws in 2300 Day Prophecy Chart
  Are You Saved or Lost?
  Does it Matter What You Believe?
  The Unpardonable Sin
Somebody Loves You
  How Do you Discipline Children?
  How Do You Answer a Fool?
  What Lies Beyond the Grave?
  The End of the World

  About the Bible
What did Jesus Look Like?
  Ezekiel and Pythagoras
  What are the paths of the sea?
  How did Isaiah know the Earth was round?
  Expanding Universe known in 700 BC
  The Hound from Heaven
  Was Peter the First Bishop of Rome?
  Seraphim & Cherubim
  Haman the Astrologer
Oldest Poem in the World
What are the Beatitudes?
  Is the Lord's Prayer a Misnomer?
  Golden Rule and Cultures


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Editorial  []

Bible in Song Sermons and Commentaries pages have exposed flaws in the "2300 day" prophecy chart most notably used by Seventh-day Adventists. Seventh-day Adventists are unique in their belief of a "Pre Advent Judgment" doctrine which they claim started at the end of the "2300 day" in 1844. But is this doctrine based on a false premise? Read more.
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Bible and inspirational quotes on many temporal and spiritual topics including Bible Promises and audio clips.
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Play interactive crosswords, quizzes, jumbled up verses, mix and match, and word searches.

Song PagesThe complete Bible from Genesis to Revelation. May include background information, trivia, Commentary and Scripture music.

Sermons covering a diverse range of Bible topics and issues. Also Bible Commentaries on the Books of Daniel and Revelation.

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Music DVDs and YouTube videos of Scripture music.
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Filmed at the music studio, these videos and DVDs provide a unique opportunity to view Bible in Song singers as the 'group' does not perform at any concerts or live events.




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Sing along to your favourite Bible songs or have them performed at weddings or other special occasions.


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An healthy fundraising alternative to selling chocolates and lollies. Bible in Song CDs make a great fundraiser for churches, schools, organisations, community groups or any other good cause.


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