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7000 Year Theory
7000 Year Theory    
How to Study the Scriptures Is the Bible Inspired?  
Bible Passages
Psalm 23 - The Shepherd's Psalm Ezekiel 37 - Valley of Dry Bones 1 Corinthians 13 - Love
Bible Stories
Jonah and the Whale Remember Lot's Wife  
Noah's Flood Samson  
Christian Life
Church Standards Love at Home The Way to peace and joy
Faith Suffering and the Christian  
Forgiveness Walking with Jesus  
Church Unity In Chains Need I Belong to a Church?
Creation and Mysteries of the Universe
Exploring God's Universe Four Mysteries of the Universe In Search of Noah's Ark
Daniel (the Book of)
Daniel 1 Ch. 8 - 2300 Days Daniel and the Sanctuary
Ch. 7 - Vision of 4 Great Beasts Ch. 12 - Part 1  
Ch. 8 - Ram and He Goat Ch. 12 - Part 2  
God (Jesus)
Behold the Man Someone loves you  
Beyond the Grave Heaven Home of the Saved
Last Day Events
End of the World Our Shattered World Christ's coming is near
Last Day Signs Signs in Sun, Moon and Stars What is Coming
Law of God
Law and the Gospel Sunday The Two Laws
Life Issues
Live within your means Love, Courtship and Marriage Wedding Bells
Modern Prophets and Visions Spirit of Prophecy  
Revelation (the Book of)
Ch. 4 - Lamb & the Sealed Book Ch. 14 - Fear God, Give Glory Ch. 20 - The Millennium
Ch. 6 - The Seven Seals Ch. 14 - Three Angel's Messages Ch. 21 - A Better World
Ch. 12 - Why God Permitted Sin Ch. 15 - Song of Moses & Lamb Ch. 22 - The Kingdom of Glory
Ch. 13 - America Ch. 16 - Seven Last Plagues  
Ch. 13 - Mark of the Beast Ch. 19 - Triumph of the Church  
Are you saved or lost? Does it Matter what you believe? Today and Not Tomorrow
Close of Probation Last Warning Message  
How long before you are saved? The Unpardonable Sin  
Second Coming
Greatest Event of the Ages    
Special Occasions
Anointing Service Communion Service The Lord's Supper (version 2)
Dedication of Children Communion - Need for Each Other The Lord's Supper (version 3)
Christmas, Easter and Lent The Lord's Supper (version 1) Vespers


Introduction Chapter 2  
Chapter 1 Chapter 12  
Chapter 1 Chapter 5 Chapter 9
Chapter 2 Chapter 6 Chapter 10
Chapter 3 Chapter 7 Chapter 11
Chapter 4 Chapter 8

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How to Study the Scriptures Is the Bible Inspired? Mystery and Miracle of the Jew
Bible Stories
Are You a Gideon? Forty Years in the Wilderness Remember Lot's Wife
Elijah Message Joshua's Long Day Saul, the Man who Committed the Unpardonable Sin
Elisha the Prophet Noah's Flood
Christian Life
Blessings of Full Assurance Four Ways Jesus can be more Real to You Solid Rock to Build your Life on
Church Standards 'I Wills' of Christ Suffering and the Christian
Faith Love at Home They Need not Depart
Faith Triumphant Must One Suffer before Becoming a Christian? Way to Peace and Joy
Forgiveness Privilege of Prayer
Church Unity High Cost of Evangelism Passion Play in the Desert
God's Way in the Sanctuary In Chains Only Church I could Belong to
Fatal Mistake Rainbow Sermon Two Laws
How to Keep the Sabbath Sabbath Objections Met Weighed and Wanting
Lord's Day Sunday
Creation and Mysteries of the Universe
Astronauts, Space and God I Believe in God Modern Science in an Ancient Book
Creation In Search of Noah's Ark Open Space in Orion
Creation and Evolution In the Beginning God When the Sun was Seven Times Hotter
Daniel (the Book)
Daniel 1 Daniel 6 - The Lions, Last Days & You! Daniel 10
Daniel 2 - History Told in Advance Daniel 7 - Vision of Four Great Beasts Daniel 11 - King of the North
Daniel 3 - Faith, Flames & Death Decree Daniel 8 - The Ram, He Goat & Sanctuary Daniel 12
Daniel 4 - Nebuchadnezzar's Conversion Daniel 8 - 2,300 Days Daniel 12 - Part Two
Daniel 5 - Judgment Pronounced Daniel 9 - Countdown at Calvary Daniel and the Sanctuary
Doctrinal Issues
God (Jesus)
A Virgin Born Jesus Jesus in the Shadows Three Days and Three Nights
Christ the Son of God Someone Loves You
Rich Man and Lazarus Witness of John the Baptist
Four Ways to Know your Friends Home of the Saved The Other Side of Death
Last Day Events
Close of Probation Last Things Who will Ban the Bible?
Final Harvest Refreshing of the Latter Rain
Last Day Signs Things that show Christ's Coming is Near
Life Issues
Education How to Postpone your Own Funeral
Love, Courtship and Marriage Temperance
Clock of Ages Russia in Bible Prophecy Spirit of Prophecy - Through the Prophet's Eyes
Palestine in Bible Prophecy Secrets of the God Kings
Revelation (the Book of)
Revelation 1 - First Part Revelation 10 - Angel with Little Book Revelation 14 - Three Angel's Messages
Revelation 1 - Second Part Revelation 11 - Measuring the Temple of God Revelation 15 - Song of Moses and the Lamb
Revelation 2 - Seven Churches Revelation 11 - Two Witnesses Revelation 16 - Seven Last Plagues
Revelation 4 - Lamb and Sealed Book Revelation 12 - Why did God Permit Sin Revelation 17 - Judgments of Babylon
Revelation 6 - Seven Seals Revelation 13 - America Revelation 19 - Three Generals
Revelation 7 - Seal of God Revelation 13 - Mark of the Beast Revelation 19 - Triumph of the Church
Revelation 7 - Sealed Number Revelation 14 - 144,000 Revelation 20 - Millennium
Revelation 7 - Sealing of God Revelation 14 - Fear God - His Judgment is Come Revelation 21 - Eternal Security in a Better World
Revelation 8 - Seven Trumpets Revelation 14 - Last Call Revelation 22 - Kingdom of Glory
Baptism Is it Necessary to Belong to a Church to be Saved? Seeking and Finding
Bridging the River of Life/Death It Makes a Difference what you Believe There is a River
Can Anyone be Saved without Baptism? Last Warning Message Three Steps to Hell
Fool's Bargain Law and the Gospel Three Steps to City of Eternal Happiness
Have you received the Holy Ghost? Old Gospel Today and Not Tomorrow
How Many Ways? Repentance Who will Ban the Bible
Second Coming
When Jesus Comes for You World Rescue - Goodbye Planet Earth
Unpardonable Sin
Special Occasions
Anointing Service Communion Service - Our Need for each other Lord's Supper - Version 2
Christmas, Easter and Lent Dedication of Children Lord's Supper - Version 3
Communion Service Lord's Supper - Version 1 Vespers


Chapter 12 Chapter 16 Chapter 20
Chapter 13 Chapter 17 Chapter 21
Chapter 14 Chapter 18 Chapter 22
Chapter 15 Chapter 19
Chapter 1 Chapter 5 Chapter 9
Chapter 2 Chapter 6 Chapter 10
Chapter 3 Chapter 7 Chapter 11
Chapter 4 Chapter 8 Chapter 12
The Bible in Song Sermons category is expected to be enlarged over time as hard copy sermon notes are scanned, typed and edited in webpage format. Visit Sermons Page for the complete list of sermons and Bible Commentaries

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The Sermons Page is under construction. The sermons listed under CLICK ON SERMON TO UPLOAD FOR YOU can be purchased and will be uploaded as freely available sermons in the top section of this page. After making payment  please allow up to 48 hours per sermon and we will convert typed sermons notes into webpage format versions for general browsing.


Brian Pepper (1916-1995) was born and raised in New Zealand. After serving in WWII he studied theology at Avondale College in NSW in the early 1950s. He served as an SDA pastor in WA, SA and Tasmania from the 1950s to 1990s.


  PDF Sermon Files
Click image for sample. The Complete Sermon Collection is available at the Store Page. It includes 169 sermons which are listed on the Sermons Page, plus several audio visual sermonettes and a number of incomplete sermons. Original typed sermon notes have been scanned in PDF files on a DVD.


  PDF Revelation Files
Easy access to all the uploaded Revelation Bible Commentaries written by Brian Pepper. Also a CD of the complete Book of Revelation consisting of 22 PDF files scanned from original typed documents. These files can be downloaded by Adobe Acrobat to view on computer screen, or printed in booklet or other format.


  SDA Prophecy Chart
Bible in Song Sermons and Commentaries pages have exposed flaws in the "2300 day" prophecy chart most notably used by Seventh-day Adventists. Seventh-day Adventists in their biblical interpretation have favored the tradition of their founding fathers over Scripture and the "divine revelation" of their own prophet Ellen White. Read more.


Thank you for posting some of (Brian Pepper's) sermons. It's like reading the very words Jesus has spoken to me and is a great encouragement. I cannot say that about many Pastors but I can say that about (Pr Pepper). Thank you. Robert (USA) ... more testimonials.











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