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Studio Albums




Wings of the Morning
Psalm 121


Sing Psalms unto Him
Psalm 23

  Faith, Hope and Charity
1 Corinthians 13


  Psalms & Songs
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Low Budget Albums





Variety Vol. 1
Matthew 6
Ecclesiastes 3
  Isaiah Servant Songs
Isaiah 53





  Song of Solomon
Song of Songs 2



MP3 Albums
Buy the CDThe albums Sing Psalms unto Him and Faith, Hope and Charity you can now be purchased as MP3 albums (if you live in USA). An MP3 album is a zip file with a folder containing...
MP3 files, one per-song, for easy use in any computer, iPod, or MP3 player.
JPG of the album cover.
Text file full of info from that album's page: song titles, notes, and links.
The MP3 audio files are very high quality, about 200kbps VBR, encoded using the LAME MP3 encoder on its audiophile settings. Your MP3s will play on any hardware.


Win a FREE CD Contest

Purchase any item at our Store Page and we will enter you in the main draw for the next Win a FREE CD contest held quarterly, provided that you express your interest in the contest and nominate your CD album preference when making payment or when we confirm your order.


Song Book Albums

You can play Bible in Song music by purchasing Song Book albums. These albums consist of the sheet music to the songs of the album in PDF format on a CD. Adobe Acrobat is required to view these files, and this may be downloaded free from The sheet music notation is similar to that originally written or arranged, so the sheet may not exactly match the recorded music. The sheet music is suitable for piano and guitar. It contains treble and bass clefs including the melody, lyrics, meter, and chords to the song.


Karaoke Albums

You can sing to Bible in Song music by purchasing a Karaoke album. These albums enable you (or your nominated singer) to sing live in place of Bible in Song vocalists. This is because lead vocals have been excluded from these albums. Karaoke albums with music instruments and harmonies are primarily intended to be used as a backing music track for live singing performances. However they may also be enjoyed as easy listening music.


Low Budget Albums

Until a market is found for more studio albums we offer a range of low budget albums for those looking for more in Bible in Song music. The vocal, music and recording quality of these albums are generally of a lower standard than studio albums and are priced accordingly.


Bible in Song Store 
Great range of CD albums available at store page. 4 hours 30 mins of the King James Bible set to music. You can also purchase MP3s, sheet music, sermons, Psalm 23 PowerPoint and wedding song kits.


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If you do not currently have a Windows Media Player or Real Audio Player you can download the most recent free versions here (available for both Windows & Mac).



If you are having trouble launching the song player windows, or hearing the song samples please email us with details.


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