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Your satisfaction is always our number one goal.

Psalm 34
Very peaceful, melodic, and soul uplifting.
- Regine S.
Rosedale, NY, USA [flag]
23 Sep, 2009 
Leviathan and Behemoth

Thanks very much for your fantastic articles on leviathan and behemoth mentioned in Job. Your articles from the top of the tree of Google search results appear to be the most sensible on the subject by a very long margin.  Whoever wrote these articles is a legend. Not only is the contentious topic of animal identity properly considered, but the purpose of its place in the dialogue is presented at the conclusion of the article on leviathan (Job 41).
- Josh.
South Australia
28 July, 2009
We love Scripture songs
We heard the lovely music on your previews. We love scripture songs especially those that are accompanied by beautiful, reverent music. (The cd) is a surprise gift for our 8 year old daughter Amy. She loves to sing and there is nothing better than being able to fill her little mind with God's word.
- Paul G.
Victoria, Australia  [flag]
21 May, 2009 
Enjoyed Song of Solomon CD
Thanks very much for sending the (Song of Solomon) CD. It has been a blessing. I think the CD is a fantastic idea and am very impressed with it.
- Graeme L.
Edinburgh, Midlothian UK [flag]
29 April, 2009 
I have memorized Psalm 23
Beautiful harmony -the music has helped me to memorize Psalm 23. Now I am working on memorizing Psalm 91. I desire to hide as much of God\'s Word in my heart as I can, to prepare for the coming days before He returns!
- Bethany S.
Tigard, Oregon USA [flag]
26 April, 2009 
Enjoyed 'Sing Psalms unto Him'
I have received the cd of Psalms. I have enjoyed listening to it very much, especially Psalm 23, and 46. The cd is truly a blessing to me.
- Alice G.
Ruffin, SC, USA [flag]
10 Apr, 2009 
Singing the Psalms
I am teaching the psalm (23) in our Bible Clubs.  They will learn it quicker by singing it.
- Sandra S.
Bryson City, NC, USA
5 February, 2009
Enjoying the CDs
I am enjoying the CDs. The music is beautiful. A few places the range was a little high, but I am working on it. My feeling is that the solos are best as easiest to memorize. Thank you for providing these. We do need to hide the Word of God in our hearts and your CDs help with that!
- Kari B.
USA  [flag]
22 Jan, 2009 
Bible Quotes on Loneliness
Nice to look up inspiring well worded, deep, passages and quotes from the bible. they really help if your feeling low. everyone needs something to believe in.
- Banannahammock
16 October, 2008 
Why the choice of psalms?
I did enjoy the music,  I wondered if there was a reason for the choice of Psalms on the CD, since only 23 Psalm is very well known.  I loved that the songs were word for word, that is only the scripture, as I'm trying to help my bible study group find was to memorize the scripture and setting to music as a wonderful way. Since we know that the God's children in the bible sang these psalms throughout the century, I think it is especially wonderful to put them to music.
- Kathy S.
Inyokern, CA USA [flag]
6 Sept, 2008 
Psalm 34 song review
I like the instrumental, its nice and mellow. Great job, also so many scripture in one song. Terrific!
- Gildor S.
Tennessee, USA
27 August, 2008 
Psalm 23 Powerpoint
Thanks. Very nice PowerPoint.
- Bart D.
Richmond, KY, USA [flag]
22 August, 2008
Delighted with music
We did receive the cds and were delighted with most of the music!  We hope you produce many more!  I wondered if you have written musical scores for this music for our youth choir would like to sing some of them.
- Rachel L.
Lillooet, BC, Canada   [flag]
16 Jul, 2008 
Psalm 34
I really like the music style you use and the clarity of the words, it is beautiful.
- Stacey C.
Northglenn, CO, USA [flag]
1 May, 2008 
Singer sang at a good pace
Thank you so much for the CDs, they arrived in excellent condition. My mother enjoys listening to them while she's in the kitchen. She had been looking for the Bible in song for a long time so that she could memorize them easily. She commented that the singer sang at a good pace for her to understand the words, which is important since her first language is Spanish.
- Deyanira B. 
Torrance, CA, USA [flag]
13 April, 2008 
Memorized Psalm 1
Your CDs are wonderful.  I was able to memorize all of Psalm 1 in less than
a week for Awana using your music. 
- Laura K.
Windom, MN, USA
13 April, 2008 
Psalm 13
t's a nice song by David. I don't think this is the same music he has dictated to his chief musician Asaf. But it's a nice bit of tune you have given to these bible words.
- Siju K.
Hertfordshire, UK [flag]
March 9th, 2008
Psalm 34
Thank you so much for put on the Word of God unto song. I love the song base in Psalm 34:8. Has been a Blessing to me and my children. It helps them to memorize God's Word listening from your Songs.
- Karla N.
Sun Valley, CA USA  [flag]
9th Feb, 2008 
Psalm 23
The music is simple, melodious, and meditative. The words are clear and easy to follow.  Definitely a great witnessing and teaching tool.
- Karen H.
Florida, USA [flag]
Sept 25, 2007 
Psalm 23
I like the beat along with how the singer ...tries to get the message across. Even though it's a psalm that is sing in every language it touches my heart.
- Winsome B.
Toronto , Canada [flag]
Aug 7th, 2007 
Psalm 23 is exquisite. The Spirit of the Lord rests upon my heart when I hear this magnificent work! well done.
- Natalie B.  
Quebec, Canada [flag]
April 4th, 2007 
Soothing music
Very Soothing Music, It is imprinted inside your Heart. Hearing the Bible in a song helps your Spirit to sing as well 
- Annie K.
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
February 9th, 2007
Makes me think about the Scriptures
I love the way you have applied music to the Scriptures. It makes me think about the Scriptures.
- Kent B.
Bemidji, MN USA  [flag]
March 20th, 2007 
Beautiful Voice
I've never heard a more beautiful voice than that of Janelle Ing. When she sings it makes me want to be with God all the more.
- Mike D
Clearbrook, MN
March 20th, 2007 
Love the CDs
I love the CDs very much. I think one of my very favorite songs is Ps. 23.
on the Sing Psalms Unto Him album. My favorite CD is Word for Word. The
music is restful and beautiful and directs the mind to our Savior. It is
about all I have listened to while driving to and from town since I got the
- Jeanine S.
Miramonte, CA USA [flag]
Sept 5th, 2006 
Love all your CDs
I like to say that your bible CD's I have four and I love them all. My favourite album is Bible in Song - Sing Psalms unto Him.  My favourite song I've enjoyed is 1 Corinthians 13. Your Song of Solomon is wonderful. Being in today's society, true love seems to be so ... sex. However, whiles listening I think to myself, this is what true love is. So beautiful, sweet, and so real. 
- Steven E. 
San Bruno, CA USA [flag]
Aug 23rd, 2006 
Couldn't wait to hear songs
Yes, it (Sing Psalms unto Him) arrived yesterday. I couldn't wait to open it and hear the completed songs. To say " they are beautiful " would be an understatement. This purchase started as a question at my church. I asked if the Psalms were actually songs in the days of King David; then is there any way for us today to hear what they heard. The Pastor suggested I go online and seek my answers and slowly I arrived at your site. As I listen to this CD I am in awe of the beautiful music they had in those days; I now understand for the first time how/why David's playing soothed Saul.
- Cathy W.
Akron, Ohio USA  [flag]
August 17th, 2006 
Beautiful piece of work
I did receive the CD (Sing Psalms unto Him) and am very happy with it.  It is truly a beautiful piece of work.  Many people feel that reading the Bible is cumbersome and boring.  However, you have found a wonderful way to bring the word of God alive and to people who really need to hear it.
- Barbara J. 
Markham, Ontario Canada [flag]
August 16th, 2006
Sounds Great
Wow. I am pleased to hear that this music not only sounds great but it will help me memorize scripture for this dying generation - for when you decree a thing, it shall be established! I desperately want to know the Bible more. Not just read it but have it deep in my heart! Thanks for making it easier and enjoyable!
- Lindsay W.  
Phoenix AR, USA [flag]
July 27th, 2006 
Love the CD's
I love the CD's.  They are soothing and refreshing - just what I need after a long work week!  They are going on my 'recommend to others' list.  Thanks for doing what your doing.
- Karen M
Verona, PA
June 13th, 2006 
Thank you very much!  Have just downloaded Psalm 46....beautiful!  So good
to find people who use the AV (KJV) too!
- Margaret B. 
Scotland, UK
June 3rd, 2006 
Commentaries on Behemoth and Leviathan
I am preaching through the book of Job and have found your info on the behemoth and Leviathan very helpful. I have book marked your site and will tell others. Thanks for your resources.
- Pastor Mike F. 
Louisville KE, USA [flag]
May 18th, 2006 
Quotes on Depression
I was reading the page you have on depression, and I must say that it's very good!  I like the layout, having several Bible verses, the definition, some famous quotes... very helpful.  I'm using this for myself as a help to get over some depression, as well as for a lesson in the morning for Sunday school. Thanks much for a great site.
- Christopher
Raleigh NC, USA [flag]
April 16th, 2006 
Helps me memorize the  Scriptures
The CDs have been a great blessing to me since I bought them for myself
three months ago.  I have memorized all of the scriptures now except Romans
8 and Hebrews 11.  I'm working on these now.
- David C. 
Chickasha OK, United States
March 10th, 2006
CDs useful to memorize words of God
Yes, I received the CD's and am happy with them. I've given several away to other Christian men for their edification. The CD's are very useful to memorize and learn the words of God, especially if one has much time spent on the road in a car.
- Gregg A. 
Springfield TN, USA [flag]
February 11th, 2006
Songs were Beautiful
Listened to the CD tonight and the songs were beautiful.  I especially loved Psalm 23.  Thank you for being so diligent in your follow-up.
- Jenny C. 
Davison, MI USA
February 8th, 2006
Helps with Memorizing the Verses
Thank you for the CD's. As it is all Scripture to music, we have found them wonderful to help us meditate on the Scriptures, also it helps with memorizing the verses. We particularly enjoy the Psalms and Songs, and Especially Psalm 91. Thank you again for your wonderful ministry, and we pray that God will use the CD's in a mighty way, His Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light on
our path.
- Anne B. 
Halesowen, UK
January 27th, 2006 
Brilliant Service
Received the CD's I ordered this morning, what a brilliant service, thanks so much and God Bless you all in your ministry.
- Anne B. 
West Midlands, UK
January 14th, 2006

Uplifting and Encouraging
Yes I have received my CDs and I am very happy with them. I listen to them in the car and at home and find them very uplifting and encouraging.
- Mark K
Carmarthenshire, UK [flag]
December 15th, 2005 
A Meaningful Experience
This music is very beautiful and clear. It is well written, and flows like speech itself. The meaning of the words is brought to life and is enhanced by the excellent musicianship of all involved. I find that listening to this is a meaningful and instructive experience. Quality. Thank you Bible In Song!
- Gary K
UK [flag]
September 12th, 2005 
Beautiful Music
Yes please (put me on your mailing list). Your music is beautiful, I am on social security, and when I can I will purchase more. Thankyou.
- Geoffrey C. 
Nazareth, PA
April 12th, 2005 
Fantastic Job
Goods arrived safely this morning. It a fantastic job that you are doing by setting these Psalms etc to music and preserving the actual words of scripture! Hope that you can do more psalms as they are a real blessing.  Also the 10 commandments would be great - and more from Proverbs.  I will make others aware of your products & website - it might generate some further orders for you. I will keep track of your website and look out for future releases.
- Darren L. 
Worcestershire, UK
March 31st, 2005
CDs help me praise and worship God
I received the Cd's and am rejoicing in the way they help me praise and worship God. I am especially grateful that you used the words of God from the Authorized KJV, as I would not want to hear words from any of the "newer"
- Gregg A. 
Springfield TN, USA [flag]

November 13th, 2004
Excited about your CD's and website!
We are so excited about your CD's. We have had a very hard time finding music appropriate for our family to listen to. We only listen to hymns but this is even better: KJV verses set to calm, pleasant, and peacful music and voices!!!. What a find!!! AND your website is highly helpful and informative. We are forwarding this sites to friends and family. May the Lord bless your wonderful ministry!!!
- MS 
October 21st, 2004 
Wonderful Blessing
The first bible in song CD is a wonderful blessing. I listen to the psalms every day. Please produce more. I am telling all my Christian friends about this wonderful music.
- William W.
September 5th, 2004 
Precious CD
My friend I have no words to thank you so much for this so precious and amazing cd from wonderful songs from the Bible. I could never imagine that such precious cd could be in my hands. I thank you from the bottom of my heart by this, you are a really fantastic friend, musician, and everything good. This is the most precious cd from everyone I got. God bless you my friend, every time, everyday of your life. Thanks again.
- Antonio C. 
July 15th, 2004 
Great CD, Great singing, Great Music. I loved it!!!
I am very happy that the music was composed around the KJV Psalms. This CD Glorifies God, and promotes singing Psalms from the KJV as God intended.
- Robert D. 
June 26th, 2004 
Like verse-by-verse Bible Commentary
I'm doing a verse-by-verse study of the book (of Revelation) and I like what Brian Pepper has to say. - George C, Texas USA
- George C.
Texas USA [flag]
March 12th, 2006 
Great Encouragement
Thank you for posting some of (Brian Pepper's) sermons. It's like reading the very words Jesus has spoken to me and is a great encouragement. I cannot say that about many Pastors but I can say that about (Pr Pepper). Thank you.
- Robert 
USA [flag]
December 31st, 2005 


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