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  Bitterness Bible Quotes & Promises
- Inspirational & Famous Quotes
-- Definitions & Meanings

Bible Quotes

You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against the sons of your own people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord.
(Leviticus 19:18) ESV 

The vexation of a fool is known at once, but the prudent ignores an insult.
(Proverbs 12:16) ESV 

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.
(Proverbs 15:1) ESV 

Do not say, I will repay evil; wait for the Lord, and he will deliver you.
(Proverbs 20:22) ESV 

For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.
(Matthew 6:14,15) ESV 

For I see that you are in the gall of bitterness and in the bond of iniquity.
(Acts 8:23) ESV 

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger,
(Ephesians 4:26) ESV 

Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.
(Ephesians 4:31,32) ESV 

In these you too once walked, when you were living in them. But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth.
(Colossians 3:7,8) ESV 

But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be false to the truth.
(James 3:14) ESV 

Inspirational Quotes from Famous People

Bitterness imprisons life; love releases it.
--Harry Emerson Fosdick American Clergyman 1878-1969

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.
--Maya Angelou American Poet Born 1928

Hurt leads to bitterness, bitterness to anger, travel too far that road and the way is lost.
--Terry Brooks American Writer Born 1944

I am sorry to think that you do not get a man's most effective criticism until you provoke him. Severe truth is expressed with some bitterness.
--Henry David Thoreau American Author 1817-1862

I realize that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.
--Edith Cavell American Public Servant 1865-1915

I've purged myself of bitterness and anger and remained open to love.
--Tatum O'Neal American Actress Born 1963

It is hardly possible to build anything if frustration, bitterness and a mood of helplessness prevail.
--Lech Walesa Polish Activist Born 1943

It is only hope which is real, and reality is a bitterness and a deceit.
--William Makepeace Thackeray English Novelist 1811-1863

Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness.
--Martin Luther King, Jr. American Leader 1929-1968

Not too much, though there's a certain amount of rancour and bitterness when someone tries to fire you.
--Donald Sutherland Canadian Actor Born 1935

Satire is focused bitterness.
--Leo Rosten American Novelist 1908-1997

You can't climb up to the second floor without a ladder. When you set your aim too high and don't fulfill it, then your enthusiasm turns to bitterness. Try for a goal that's reasonable, and then gradually raise it.
--Emil Zatopek - Czechoslovakian Athlete 1922-20006

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Bitterness and the Bible

Holding on to bitterness can mean big trouble. "Look after each other so that not one of you will fail to find God's best blessings. Watch out that no bitterness takes root among you, for as it springs up it causes deep trouble, hurting many in their spiritual lives." Hebrews 12:15, TLB5


Testimonials and Comments



Definition of Bitterness

1. Having or being a taste that is sharp, acrid, and unpleasant.

2. Causing a sharply unpleasant, painful, or stinging sensation; harsh: enveloped in bitter cold; a bitter wind.

3. Difficult or distasteful to accept, admit, or bear: the bitter truth; bitter sorrow.

4. Proceeding from or exhibiting strong animosity: a bitter struggle; bitter foes.

5. Resulting from or expressive of severe grief, anguish, or disappointment: cried bitter tears.

6. Marked by resentment or cynicism: "He was already a bitter elderly man with a gray face" (John Dos Passos).4     




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