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  Dishonesty Bible Quotes & Promises
- Inspirational & Famous Quotes
-- Definitions & Meanings

Bible Quotes

 " 'Do not defraud your neighbor or rob him. " 'Do not hold back the wages of a hired man overnight.
(Leviticus 19:13)

" 'Do not use dishonest standards when measuring length, weight or quantity.
(Leviticus 19:35)

Dishonest money dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow.
(Proverbs 13:11)

The getting of treasures by a lying tongue is a vanity tossed to and fro of them that seek death.
(Proverbs 21:6)

An unjust man is an abomination to the just: and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked.
(Proverbs 29:27)

Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities, by the iniquity of thy traffick; therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee, and I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold thee.
(Ezekiel 28:18)

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.
(Luke 16:10)

Inspirational Quotes from Famous People

Unfaithfulness in the keeping of an appointment is an act of clear dishonesty. You may as well borrow a person's money as his time.
--Horace Mann quotes (US educator, the first great American advocate of public education, 1796-1859)

I do not believe we can blame genetics for adultery, homosexuality, dishonesty and other character flaws
Jerry Falwell quotes (American fundamentalist Baptist Pastor and Founder of the Moral Majority. b.1933)

There is no kind of dishonesty into which otherwise good people more easily and frequently fall than that of defrauding the government.
Benjamin Franklin quotes (American Statesman, Scientist, Philosopher, Printer, Writer and Inventor. 1706-1790)

Every act of dishonesty has at least two victims: the one we think of as the victim, and the perpetrator as well. Each little dishonesty makes another little rotten spot somewhere in the perpetrator's psyche.
Lesley Conger quotes

Don't place too much confidence in the man who boasts of being as honest as the day is long. Wait until you meet him at night.
--Robert C. Edwards

Dishonesty, cowardice and duplicity are never impulsive.
--George A. Knight

Time will inevitably uncover dishonesty and lies; history has no place for them.
--Norodom Sihanouk Cambodian, Royalty Quotes7


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Dishonesty and the Bible

God expects and deserves honesty. "You deserve honesty from the heart; yes, utter sincerity and truthfulness. Oh give me this wisdom." Psalm 51:6, TLB.

Being dishonest about someone is as harmful and lasting as physical wounds. "Telling lies about someone is as harmful as hitting him with an ax, or wounding him with a sword, or shooting him with a sharp arrow." Proverbs 25:18, TLB.

The Lord doesn't approve of dishonesty in business dealings. "The Lord detests differing weights, and dishonest scales do not please Him." Proverbs 20:23, NIV.

Be honest and open. "So you can see that we were not preaching with any false motives or evil purposes in mind; we were perfectly straightforward and sincere." I Thessalonians 2:3, TLB.
"For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men." II Corinthians 8:21, NIV

Honesty is involved in two of the commandments. "You shall not steal. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor." Exodus 20:15-16, NIV.

Leaders value those who speak the truth. "The king rejoices when his people are truthful and fair." Proverbs 16:13, TLB.

Truth is more valuable than flattery. "In the end, people appreciate frankness more than flattery." Proverbs 28:23, TLB.

The children of honest parents are blessed. "It is a wonderful heritage to have an honest father." Proverbs 20:7, TLB.

Tell the truth. "Lies will get any man into trouble, but honesty is its own defense. Telling the truth gives a man great satisfaction, and hard work returns many blessings to him." Proverbs 12:13-14, TLB.

Fraudulent gain is sweet only for awhile. "Food gained by fraud tastes sweet to a man, but he ends up with a mouth full of gravel." Proverbs 20:17, NIV.

Riches gained dishonestly don't last. "A fortune made by a lying tongue is a fleeting vapor and a deadly snare." Proverbs 21:6, NIV.

Do it God's way. "The Lord hates cheating and delights in honesty." Proverbs 11:1, TLB.

God values honesty most. "God is more pleased when we are just and fair than when we give Him gifts." Proverbs 21:3, TLB.




Definition of Dishonesty

1. lack of honesty; a disposition to lie, cheat, or steal.

2. a dishonest act; fraud.4     



Dishonesty is a word which in common usage may be defined as the act or to act without honesty; a lack of probity, to cheat, lying or being deliberately deceptive; lacking in integrity; to be knavish, perfidious, corrupt or treacherous; charlatanism or quackery.

Dishonesty is the fundamental component of a majority of offences relating to the acquisition, conversion and disposal of property (tangible or intangible) defined in the criminal law.9


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